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Fully equipped 1.200 sq new Incidence sail loft; with XL sewing machines, plotter cutter and qualified sailmakers, sail wash and sail repair in Palma.

Just contact us Sail service in Palma and we will make the necessary arrangements to quote the job, ensuring a competitive price and trusty delivery day.

Sail service in Palma​

Incidence Palma offers the most experienced sail maintenance, repair and wash-clean sail services in Palma de Mallorca. Super yachts, racing, cruising and classics boats. Professional sail check, advice and quote by sailmaker in Palma.



The initial sail inspection is the most important sail repair your sailmaker can provide in Palma, and Incidence Sails is undeniably the industry leader. Our service technicians are painstakingly trained in the art of inspecting a sail, because it’s not enough to simply identify the needed repairs—we figure out why the sail needs repair and do our best to solve the problem, reducing future repair costs and downtime.

At Incidence Palma Sail service in Palma, we understand that the hardest part of sailmaking isn’t identifying the tear—it’s dissecting why the tear occurred and crafting a response that addresses the symptoms as well as the root problem. When inspecting a sail, we don’t simply look for damage, we leverage our incredible understanding of sail construction to critically evaluate the entire structure by sails in Palma.

Aside from storing your sails/canvas when they are clean and dry, the single best thing you can do to extend their life is have them serviced on an annual basis with sail repair, sail wash and new sails in Palma.

Our sail service in Palma technicians know how to address small problems early on, thus preventing costly future repairs.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! All of our sail service in Palma technicians have access to Incidence’s industry-leading standards for sail construction, ensuring that all maintenance performed meets our rigorous requirements by sails in Palma.

Sail repair in Palma

Super yacht, cruising and racing sails repairs, precision re-cuts and alterations. Sails removal, installations. Pick-up, drop-off in Mallorca Ports. Storage. Precision Re-cut.

Let our sailmaker team in Palma help you get more performance out of your older sails. Using Incidence’s Technology, our sail service and repair in Palma technicians and designers can evaluate your sail’s existing shape and develop a plan to return the sail to its originally designed profile—thus squeezing more speed and performance out of older sails. Often a relatively simple (and inexpensive) luff curve change can have a profound impact on your sail’s performance.

We can help. We can deliver the new sails in Palma to your yacht, we have the appropriate truck with lift to do the hard work and experienced sailors to remove the sails from the rig and carry the sails.

Sail wash in Palma

Incidence Sail Palma use a special non-agitated washing system, which ensures sails aren’t damaged during the washing process.

Regular sails and canvas wash in Palma extends their lifespan and keeps them looking newer for longer. Salt crystals are corrosive and abrasive; if left on your sails and canvas, they will damage the fibres and stitching. Additionally, salt crystals will attract water, thus promoting an environment where mildew can thrive. Unlike some of our competitors, Incidence Sail Palma use a non-agitated washing system, which ensures sails/canvas aren’t damaged during the sail washing process.

Roller furling sails and laminated sails can, unfortunately, provide the right environment for mildew to grow and prosper. The best option is to always store your sails dry and clean, but if mildew does develop, we can help. Incidence Palma new sails has a variety of options to mitigate mildew; speak with your local loft about which option is best for you and your sails. We also recommend coating mildew-susceptible sails with a hydrophobic solution, which will severely limit or completely eliminate future growth.

New sails in Palma

Design and in-house production of racing, cruising and classic sails. » In Incidence Sails in Palma to each boat it’s a sail and this sail will be unique» Traveling or cruising, planning a round the world trip, whether it is reliability, aesthetic,
or performance concern, you are demanding… and you are right! We offer you a unique set of new sails in Palma conceived to last and user-friendly.

We study each and every detail of your technical specifications in order to offer you new sails perfectly adapted to your needs. Our sailmaker team in Palma will be your adviser until the set-up of the sails and will ensure a follow-up.

It’s one thing to make exceptional sails in Palma, but we go further by making your challenges our own. With superior and personalized customer service, we’re with you every step of the way as loyal advisors, friends and fellow sailors. It’s about providing unparalleled customer service and serving as a trusted resource and partner for all your sailing needs in Palma. INCIDENCE customer care services include: Expert Consultation To guide you through choices of materials, hardware, sizing, etc. Detailed, On-board Measurement to ensure a perfect, custom
fit. Collaboration, your involvement throughout the process, so you know what you are getting and why. Sail in Palma Installation and Instruction to fit, fine- tune, and instruct you in use and care. Warranty, simply the best in the business, backed by sailing and service experts . Long-Term Service professional, certified sail wash and repair technicians in Palma to care for your sails and help you get the most out of your investment.

Sails and covers in Palma

Where we are?

Our loft is located in the Poligon Son Noguera near Llucmajor city. From Palma, follow the road to the airport. drive 20 or 30 minutes and you will find the exit, number 22 of the Industrial Center Son Noguera.

Experienced Sailmakers

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Son Fosquet 10, Polígono Son Noguera, 07620, Llucmayor , Mallorca, Spain.

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Our schedule of work is from Monday until Friday 8 to 17 hours without court to the half day.

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